What is E-Design?

Possibly the best option for you!

E-Design is using technology to allow a designer to provide inspiration, expert sourcing and design expertise in a detailed room plan with product links, at a fraction of the cost of full-service design. All communication is done using technology to provide a step by step plan for creating a professional designed space that perfectly meets your individual style, space, and budget. E-design is, however, a true collaboration between designer and client, with work being done on both ends so that the typical design timeline is sped up considerably.

Why E-Design?

  1. It’s a visual way for the designer to transport her vision to the clients.
  2. It’s a practical way to provide the client with the product details, the cost and the links for the client to purchase.
  3. The designer is able to create a cohesive plan for every room in your home so there is a thread of continuity from room to room.
  4. It’s an affordable method to design your rooms or your home with a top notch designer.
  5. It keeps clients from making costly mistakes!
  6. It allows clients to phase their design budget – you the client decide what to purchase and when to do it.

I've worked with Donna twice. Once last year for the staging of my house, and I just hired her again to design my living room! I'm so happy with her work, professionalism, communication, and kindness. The e-design she created for my living room was beautiful. We spoke about the colors & look I wanted (boho & contemporary). She asked several questions before she started the e-design. After a couple days, she emailed me with it. I was both impressed and happy with her selections. If I had any questions about specific items, she definitely helped clarify and provided other options. At the end, I was happy with the pieces she put together and the paint color.

She also helped me get great deals at the furniture stores (Ashley & Wayfair). It was an easy and enjoyable experience with Donna. I'm happy I worked with her again and I'd recommend her to anyone. She worked with my budget and just made me feel good throughout the whole process. Thank you so much, Donna!!!

Who Should and Should Not Hire An E-Designer?

Let’s be real, hiring a virtual interior designer is not for everyone. If you need someone to guide you through every step in the process, take you shopping or create detailed construction documents, then I would definitely seek out a local designer. On the other hand, if you don’t mind busting out your tape measurer, putting up paint samples and testing out sofas on the weekend, E-Design might be the answer to your decorating woes. This isn’t an all-encompassing list, but it will give you a good idea if a virtual designer or local designer would be a better fit for you!

Hire an E-Designer if:

Hire a Local Designer if:

How Does E-Design work?


Complete our design questionnaire to establish budget and room requirements. 


Take measurements and photographs of your space for us to utilize during the design.


Send us inspirational images or online links of your vision


Once you’ve received your E-Design Plan, it’s time to go shopping, get to work, and transform your space!