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We are an accomplished boutique home staging, redesign and interior decorating company serving Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs.
We offer both home staging and interior decor services for our clients.
We offer our services for residential homes, model homes, commercial and industrial spaces.

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How Hiring a Designer Saved Me Almost $20,000

I was overwhelmed with the thought of tackling a large remodeling project on my own. With so many choices, I knew I needed help developing a design and executing the work. Like most people, I was worried about the cost and wondered if it would be worth the money to hire a designer. . After hiring Donna from Dramatix Decor and working with her for six months, I can honestly say it was the best money I ever spent. Not only did I get the perfect design by collaborating with Donna, but by sharing her designer discount with me I was able to get custom, high-end furniture and materials for a fraction of the cost.

Below are some of the items I saved money on by working with Donna and receiving her discount.

Kitchen Cabinets – $5,300
Bathroom Vanities – $2,450
Flooring – $4,400 – By using a wholesale flooring company only designers have access to, Donna was able to save me almost $3 per square foot.
Furniture, Rugs, Artwork, Lighting and Accessories – $7,232

Donna provided me with design vision boards with her recommendations for furniture and finishes for each room that we were renovating. We chose the furniture and accessories for my project after shopping at Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrell, Ethan Allen, Arhaus and other retailers. Donna was then able to purchase directly from the furniture manufacturer at half the cost. Donna held my hand throughout the project and took care of everything. We couldn’t be happier with the result -a beautifully designed, relaxing and cozy place my family calls home


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Home Staging Makes a HUGE difference! This house sold in ONE day!  See the BEFORE and AFTER pictures!

Donna Allen
Home Stylist and Stager

Hello and thank you for visiting our website!  I am Donna Allen, home stylist and stager and I look forward to working with you.  Our clients use our services to stage their home for a quick sale at a premium price, to redesign their current home [staging to live] or to provide services such as interior design. 
If your home is on the market and you aren’t seeing quick action, it’s time to connect with me and find out how you can sell fast and sell for more – most often for $10,000 to $100,000 over list price.  That’s because a properly staged home will afford you top dollar and even a bidding war.
If you are looking to re-fresh and re-design your current home, we are excited to work with you. Whether its adding new paint colors, refreshing your dated kitchen, adding dramatix flair with accessories or talking about new flooring, we have an affordable decor package for you.


Barbara, Orland Park, IL:   Working with Donna at Dramatix Decor was fantastic!  She made our house gorgeous and staged it to sell. Withing 12 days we received an offer above asking price.  We will be using Dramatix Decor to assist with interior decorating in our new home.    
Bill, Realtor, Elmhurst, IL:   Another home staging job done so well!  We are grateful for your services.   
Marianne, LaGrange, IL:  We hired Donna from Dramatix Decor to redesign our home as it was tired and dated.  She had so many wonderful ideas that were easily implemented and cost effective.  I can’t believe this is the same house – it looks so fantastic.  Thank you for all your help! 
Cherilynn, Lincoln Park [Chicago] IL:For years prior to Donna starting her business, I’ve taken advantage of her skills. She comes over for a glass of wine and rearranges my bookcases or accessorizes my rooms. She’s so talented. I had no idea how much improved my rooms could look with a few new accessories and rearranging things. My whole house looks better after a day with Dramatix Decor!
Joy, Realtor, Orland Park, IL:I have known Donna along time and her eye for decor and what a room needs is always spot on!  I am a realtor and her staging talent is amazing! She can size up a home quickly and turn it from “drab to fab” in no time at all to really propel it to that next level! Everyone will want to live there and it’ll get sold quickly!  If it’s decorating advice you’re seeking, trust me she will help you fall in love with your home all over again.  If you are planning a major remodel, be sure to call her prior, I have seen her two of her complete renovations (kitchen and a master bathroom from start to finish) and she thought of things I couldn’t dream were possible in those areas!  Then when it comes to finishes & lighting why struggle spending weeks and months deciding and chance regrets? Just call Donna. Also with spring coming don’t just limit her to the interior, she can seem to add living space to the home with her amazing talent for outdoor space! All this and she’s an extremely honest and stellar human being to boot!
Mary, Realtor, Elmhurst, IL:  Donna has always had a knack for decorating so it is no surprise how successful her Dramatix Décor business is. She listens to what her clients envision for their home and works with them to help make their dreams come true. I am a real estate broker & currently working with Donna on several staging projects. She is a total pro and also super fun to work with. I highly recommend Donna!
Katie, Barlett: Hi Donna! Just wanted to say thanks for the help you provided AND the prayers…After showing the house for just one weekend, we received 2 offers and have entered into a contract to sell our house at FULL price! We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. It all went so smoothly! Thanks for everything you did to help us make the house look great  it definitely paid off! 
Robbie Chicago LOVED working with Donna! It has been 10+ years with raising little ones since I updated my house. I was ready to freshen things up and make my house into a home that my family could cozy up for movie nights, family dinners and lazy days. I needed to also make sure my home was still functional because we still needed room for homework and school projects. Donna was an amazing listener and asked lots of questions to make sure she understood exactly what I wanted for my home (before I even know what I wanted!) She was patient and flexible with my crazy schedule. Brought me great ideas and never pressured me to make decisions or do something I wasn’t sure about. She made sure everything we did, I had to absolutely LOVE or it didn’t come in my home. Just as important as everything else, she stuck to our agreed upon budget and we got everything done ahead of schedule. I absolutely love walking into my home everyday, the kids love everything she did and want her to come back to freshen up their rooms. The most amazing thing about her work – was that we didn’t have to do any major remodeling. Her design took into account my current furniture and space, and then moved things around to places that made way more sense. My family room is so much brighter now because she made a few changes and put the furniture in places that really opened up the space and allowed the sun to shine through windows I never really paid attention to! We bought some new pieces that I had told her I wanted to replace and the rest was her imagination with accessories and design! She truly has a talent for this and I enjoyed the entire experience beginning to end! THANK YOU Donna! Will never forget all you did for me and my family!

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