Dramatix Décor now offering staging and decorating for Airbnbs for the Chicagoland area!

8 Seconds….that is the average attention span of a typical browser. You have 8 seconds to grab their attention.  You need to be showing some pretty good stuff on your Airbnb site to get their clicks.  How do you do it?  Simple, with Dramatix Décor’s Airbnb Staging and Decorating services.


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With more than 5 million listings worldwide and over 400 million travelers using the platform to date, Airbnb has never been more popular. The share economy has upturned the hospitality industry into a digital-first business where anyone can run their own hotel out of their home.

This may be your first Airbnb rental or you may be an investor with many listings under your belt.  Airbnb has many ‘rules’ for their properties when it comes to getting at the top of the page for rental listings.  At Dramatix Décor we take the guesswork out of the design and staging of your Airbnb rental property.

When more people view, like and love your Airbnb space … that equals more bookings and more profit in your pocket.

Common Mistakes AirBNB Hosts make when it comes to decorating their rentals:


AS an AirBNB interior designer, we are frequently asked what minimum effective dosage will give me the maximum bookings?  Because most hosts don’t have the immediate budget to implement all the décor strategies we provide, it makes sense to start with the décor package that has the most powerful influence on attracting new and repeat guests and easily getting those all-so-important 5-star reviews.

Design Launch

  • Up-level your listing aesthetic and attract online views thus more bookings!
  • We walk through your listing and using what you already have DIAL IN EACH SPACE with clever and creative design ideas
  • Using our “Airbnb Critical Inventory Checklist” we make sure everything your guest will need is in the space
  • Tips Tricks and Shopping Lists will give you an exact plan of action for creating a much more beautiful and photographable listing
  • Typical consultation is 2 hours and is $375

Design Sources

  • An add-on to the Design Launch consultation, we take the time and heavy-lifting out of finding the perfect furniture and décor for your Airbnb!
  • We work within your budget and using our “Critical Inventory Checklist” we find and source the perfect items to complete your space
  • You will receive a detailed shopping plan with shopping links so you can purchase each item yourself
  • Only $475 for each room in your Airbnb!

5 Stars Design Complete

Have a completely empty rental just waiting to be designed and filled with perfection?

  • Take advantage of my designer to the trade pricing and acquire luxury furniture at a HUGE discount
  • This service usually costs about 30% of the total furnishings bill and a timesheet is kept

Design Concierge [Superhost]

  • Restaging Handbook that details and photographs the look for each room, so the cleaners can replicate it
  • Helps you the host stay organized
  • Restaging Handbook is $300