Bathroom Remodel Project

If you are looking to update a worn, somewhat boring and lifeless bathroom, follow my tips for doing it on a BUDGET!

I recently received a call from a client who wanted to create a wow factor in a bathroom that her children and guests use on a frequent basis.  Her bathroom was recently painted but lacked any warmth or continuity with the rest of their home.  And she wanted to do it as CHEAPLY as possible.  

Let’s take a look at how this bathroom looked before we started.

So, the walls were recently painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  The vanity could have been replaced and updated, but to purchase a new one would have cost between $900 and $1200.  So we decided to start by painting it.  Since the home has cool tones of gray, blues and whites, we selected Gauntlet Gray by Sherwin Williams.  My painter came over and sanded down the original vanity and began to paint it the loveliest shade of gray.  Here it is after we painted it.

Let’s tally up the cost so far.  My painter charged the client $260 to paint the vanity.  We ordered 4 new polished chrome knobs and 2 pulls totally $21.  So far we are at $281. 

Vanity Cost


We also decided to repurpose the mirror since the size was perfect for the space and purchased a can of metallic gray spray paint from home depot for $4. The dark gray metallic spray paint matched the vanity  perfectly!

Next we added accessories: changed out the shower curtain, added new rugs, towels, a ladder for hanging the towels, some vases, candles and plants and a few  pieces of wall art all from Home Goods. Total cost was $218, bringing us to $499.   

Accessories Cost


Let’s look at the before photos.

And now the after photos with the accessories:

WE loved how gorgeous the bathroom was at this point but still wanted to jazz it up a bit so we added basic white subway tiles at .15 cents each with dark gray grout. Materials for tile were from Home Depot and cost $42. Our tile installer charged us $250 for the tile and grouting.  So the total cost for materials was $791 and of course 10 hours of design time on my end!  Loving how it turned out!

Tile Cost


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